June 13, 2024

Sad! Master beats his apprentice to death for allegedly spending his sales – Video

A young Nigerian apprentice named Odinaka lost his life in Congo after being brutally beaten by his boss.

The tragic incident happened when Odinaka, who had travelled to Congo for work, was accused of allegedly spending his boss’s sales.

Odinaka, described as an apprentice, met a cruel fate at the hands of his employer who is also a Nigerian in a foreign land.

The circumstances surrounding the alleged misuse of the boss’s sales and the subsequent brutal beating that led to Odinaka’s death remain under investigation.

Reports indicate that the fatal incident occurred in Congo, where Odinaka had been working as an apprentice.

The exact details of the altercation leading to the fatal beating are yet to be fully disclosed. However, it is reported that Odinaka’s demise was a result of accusations levelled against him for mishandling his boss’s proceeds.

A deeply disturbing video circulating online captures the sombre moment when Odinaka’s remains were brought back from Congo to his boss’s house in Nnewi (Nigeria).

The footage reveals the grief-stricken atmosphere as family and community members grapple with the shocking news of the apprentice’s untimely death.


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