June 24, 2024

Guy stabs his girlfriend to death during a heated argument

In a series of posts shared on his Instastory on Monday, July 17, Killaboi admitted to fatally killing his girlfriend, who has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Though specific details surrounding the murder are not clear yet but Killaboi claims that a heated argument led to the unfortunate incident.

According to him, he was having a verbal altercation with his girlfriend, whom he had been dating for three years when he ‘mistakenly’ stabbed her to death.

He said he initially fled the scene out of fear but has decided to surrender himself to the police and face the full consequences of his action.

Killaboi wrote in a post,

“I got into an argument with my girlfriend @austa xxo which fight I mistakenly stabbed her and ran away out of fear and been suicidal since then.
I want intend to end my life now cause I have lost the one o cherish so much
I want to do the right thing and turn myself in.

I will gladly die by paying with my life now.
1 have failed myself, I have failed my mom, I have failed my family.”
Oh lorddddd I can’t believe this.
I can’t leave with this guilt, I’m going crazy, nothing to kind again and I will say nothing but the truth all from the beginning to what brought us here”

“I ruined my life at the age of 26
Oh my God
I’m going crazy
I want to die”

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