June 24, 2024

Hajia4Real’s daughter allegedly taken from her by US authorities – Source alleges

Reports coming in say that the daughter of Ghanaian socialite Hajia4Real has been taken from her by the US authorities.

There are some fresh reports about Hajia4Real coming in from some sources allegedly close to the singer. It seems the singer has impending extradition and an alleged 10-year jail term.

Hajia4Real who is currently in the US is being monitored and tracked by the US authorities over her alleged fraud case. Her daughter who was flown to the US to be with her mother during the Christmas season has reportedly been prevented from being with the mother.

The father of Naila, the daughter of Hajia4Real was deported and hence was left with no guardian in the US. The US authorities were reportedly about to send the daughter of Hajia to Child Protection Service Centre when the alleged sugar daddy of the singer intervened. and sought her custody.

The information was shared by a popular blogger on Snapchat called King Charles III. He also disclosed that Hajia4Real baby daddy who was deported would not be serving a jail term because he has already served his term.

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