June 13, 2024

Anyone who tries to break my cook-a-thon Guinness World Record will find it difficult – Chef Faila speaks (Video)

In the realm of culinary feats and Guinness World Records, Chef Faila has embarked on a daring mission to etch her name into history by surpassing Alan Fisher’s legendary 119 hours and 57 minutes cookathon record.

Even before commencing her marathon cooking journey, Chef Faila exuded optimism and determination that she was destined to not only break but shatter the existing record, promising to make Ghanaians proud in the process.

A recently resurfaced interview with Chef Faila has captured the essence of her passion and determination.

In the video, she spoke fervently about her commitment to setting a new cookathon record and going beyond the initially planned 120 hours.

Her words resonated with unwavering confidence and a desire to push her limits for the sake of culinary glory.

“I’m not just going to break the record; I’m going to cook for more than the 120 hours I had initially planned. I want to make it so hard for anyone to break my record,” – Chef Faila declared in the interview

According to Chef Faila, her primary motivation stems from a deep desire to make her fellow Ghanaians proud.History! 3 other Guinness World Records Chef Faila will set aside from the longest cooking marathon

In the interview, she expressed a sense of responsibility to represent her country on the global stage of culinary achievements.

By setting a new cookathon record, she hopes to showcase the culinary prowess and dedication that Ghanaians bring to the table.

One of the standout statements from Chef Faila during the interview is her commitment to cooking for “unimaginable long hours.”

This declaration has set the stage for a cookathon that transcends conventional limits, challenging not only her endurance but also the expectations of the culinary world.

Chef Faila’s determination to make it incredibly challenging for others to break her record hints at a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Watch the video below to know more…


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