June 13, 2024

Legon: Trending video of students having good time with their partners

Students of the University of Ghana, Legon do have a good time with their partners in their respective halls and hostels.

In fact, some are able to house their girlfriends and boyfriends in their closets as they live like married couples.


A trending video reveals the extent to which some students in Legon are ready to go in order to profess their love to their significant others.

In the video, these students did not only kiss, cuddle, and smooch each other, but they also slept together on the same bed intimately.

Many have been reacting to the video with a bit of awe. Although students having fun in hostels and halls is nothing new, it appears the students of Legon are just doing too much.


Have they converted their halls and hostels into mini brothels?

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