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Revealed: Kumasi gameboy killed by three friends for running away with their win

A 23-year-old student of Oyoko School of Dispensing Optics, Kwabena Asumadu has been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Kumasi.

This sad event occurred Tuesday evening 19th July 2022. Kwabena met his untimely death shortly after dropping off his friend at Sofoline around 11 pm.


The dead, who was driving an unregistered Mercedes-Benz, was shot multiple times by his assailants through the driver’s side.


He was returning to Offinso when the unfortunate incident happened. Kwabena sustained gunshot wounds to his neck and head before dying. Police sources say nothing was stolen from him.


Act of revenge on gameboy


However, it has been revealed that Kwabena Asumadu was a part of a clique of Gameboy (a local name for Yahoo boys) or internet fraudsters who had won huge money.

The money was supposed to be shared amongst the four members who according to the report, worked hard to make the money.


However, it has been reported that Kwabena Asumadu absconded with the money, bought himself a Mercedes Benz and relocated from the area.

As a result, his three friends developed anger and hate towards him and had been searching for him for an act of revenge.

They set up a spy to be on the lookout for Kwabena. When the time was up, his three friends pulled up on him at a vantage location and fired shots into his boy, killing him on the spot.

Therefore, the killing was an act of revenge on Kwabena Asumadu for deciding to sit on the money they had worked for.

According to many, his selfishness and greeted led to his untimely death. This piece of information has been shared widely on social media.

Check out some of the posts below…


There’s a video trending on social media which gives an account of when he was shot and how the shots were fired sporadically through the glass windows.




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