June 24, 2024

Father smokes weed with his 6-months-old daughter; Video goes viral

A video of an irresponsible father forcing his 6-months old daughter to smoke with him has caused a massive stir on the internet.

In the video, the father who’s clearly a habitual smoker was filmed smoking and forcing his toddler daughter to emulate the same thing.


About 90% of the comments under the trending video are petitions to authorities to immediately arrest and prosecute the father whose action is very rash and shouldn’t be tolerated.

The baby is still a child in the early stages of development and exposure to hazardous products like weed leads to defects of all sorts.

I don’t know the kind of evil in the name of wokeness is this. People like the father in the circulating video shouldn’t be parents at all.

Watch the video below to know more…



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