Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Yahoo/sakawa boys are going through a lot, see what this young man was found doing with his white client on the phone as she screams ‘faster’

There’s no gainsaying that these internet scammers go through one hell of a routine before they eventually get to rip off their white clients.

In a video sighted on the Instagram page of Ghanaian blogger Sweet Sonia, a young man whose white client (a plumpy woman) requested for phone s3x, the guy devised a clever means to quench her libido.

The woman on the phone was completely drowned in ecstasy as she moaned and groaned while the guy merely hit his hand against the wall to create a thrusting sound reminiscent of one thrusting directly into her thing.

The video has evoked massive reactions and the answer is not far-fetched.


The young man who has obviously been in this illegality for a long time engaged the victim on facetime where he started taunting him on what he has been using his money for.

It also emerged that he scammed him of $10,000. In the clip, the bully claimed he bought a diamond watch, Gotv, air freshener, standing fan, and a bed of the whopping $10k.

He then tilted the camera to his kitchen where he showed the man the noodles he has bought and was about to gulp down with his money. Very awful!



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