June 24, 2024

US rapper Fredo Bang gets lesbian couple pregnant, welcomes babies with them

US rapper Fredo Bang has got a lot of social media users rolling on the ground after getting two lesbian couples pregnant.

According to reports, Fred Bang got involved with the lesbian couple well-known on Instagram; Sevyn Buffins and Princess Annie pregnant after a threesome session.

The rapper caused a stir on social media after he shared a photo of himself and his two children with the couple. A lot of congratulatory messages poured in while others kept wondering how he got two lesbian couples pregnant.

The mothers of the babies; Sevy Buffins and Princess Annie claimed that they conceived through an IVF procedure.

However, Annie in the comment section stated that she and her lesbian partner Sevy performed IUI to conceive their babies.

“So let me clarify that… Do you believe Fredo & Sevyn created Parker? We performed IUI. She composed. “We didn’t ever lie. We simply never explained how Payton came to be.

“I held that inside until I was prepared. In response to a homophobic remark, she said, “Now I’m wrong for doing what was best for me lol gah damn.

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