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Waist trainers could be k.!!ing you slowly – Health expert advises

Waist trainers are the “new” corset that has been around for the longest time. You use it to give your body a better shape and silhouette, reduce your waist size and accentuate your curves.

You’re supposed to put them on for as long as 12 hours a day while incorporating exercises and eating healthy.

The risks of waist training: 

  1. Harmful to your organs: Wearing a waist trainer for a long period of time can harm your organs, misplace them and cause permanent damage. It will also limit blood and oxygen flow to your vital organs which can lead to dizzy spells and difficulty breathing.
  2. Causes dehydration: Waist trainers will heat up the core temperature and can cause excessive sweating. This means you’ll lose water weight and is at risk for dehydration.
  3. Increases the chances of indigestion: The waist trainer also pressing on your chest area will increase your chance of heartburn and indigestion. Not only can it cause pain, but recurring acid reflux can cause long-term damage by eroding the walls of your esophagus.
  4. Causes skin irritation: Having a waist trainer wrapped tightly around your waist for hours can cause chafing and rashes.
  5. Bruising: In the worst cases, bruising will occur on parts of your core.

These body shapers aren’t so good at giving you the permanent, lasting results you’d wish to see.

In the studios of peace FM, the health expert claims it can end the life of ardent users of waist trainers.




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