Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Moesha Makes First Public Appearance After Full Recovery

Actress Moesha is back to her normal self and has even made her first public speech after she experienced the most traumatic episode of her life.

Auntie Moe was the beacon holding high the flag of slaying in Ghana until she suddenly fell ill, grew lean and lost all her properties in less than a month.

The likes of Ayisha Modi and co spent over 1.7 billion to make sure the actress and socialite was treated by the best doctors and prayed for by the most powerful men of God.

We have received happy news that Moesha is responding to treatment and is hale and hearty.

She was heard in a conversation with Ayisha Modi, laughing and talking about things she plans to do when she bounces back into the entertainment industry.

The actress revealed that she has plans of becoming a servant of God and use her fame to propagate the words in the Bible in order to win more souls to Christ.

Moesha revealed that she does not have riches as she used to but she has found happiness that her body is now the temple of God.Another thing Moesha said that moved many who listened to the audio was that she has dropped her past life and will no longer spread her legs to men, particularly those who are married.



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