June 24, 2024

Top US Radio Show Host Sway Calls Stonebwoy The Jay Z of Ghana Music

Sway Calloway, an Ace US radio show host, whiles interviewing dancehall star Stonebwoy showered praises on him as he recalled the first time he met him. Sway called Stonebwoy the Jay Z of Ghanaian music as he narrated how Stonebwoy left him mesmerised when he witnessed him perform live for the first time. During the show, the pair discussed African music and praised Stonebwoy’s talent and impact on the music scene.

The top US media personality Sway Calloway, in the episode of the popular radio show Sway In The Morning, could not contain his admiration for Ghanaian dancehall star Stonebwoy. During the lively interview, Sway recalled the first time he met the talented artist and showered him with accolades, likening him to the Jay Z of Ghanaian music.

Sway reminisced about the unforgettable experience of witnessing Stonebwoy perform live when he first visited Ghana, which left him absolutely mesmerized. The radio show host was deeply impressed by Stonebwoy’s electrifying stage presence and exceptional musical abilities.

Calling him the Jay Z of Ghanaian music, Sway tried to highlight the significance of Stonebwoy’s impact on the music scene, not only in Ghana but also on a global scale. The comparison to Jay Z, a prominent figure in the US music industry, underscored the magnitude of influence and talent Sway was ascribing to the dancehall star from Ashaiman.

Throughout the interview, the pair engaged in a passionate discussion about the vibrant and diverse landscape of African music. Sway acknowledged Stonebwoy’s immense contribution to elevating the reputation of Ghanaian music and African music as a whole, recognizing his role as an ambassador for the Afro-dancehall genre

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