June 24, 2024

Lady shoots boyfriend 15 times to death for always beating her (Video)

A sad video that has left many social media users teary captures the moment a young Jamaican lady shot her abusive boyfriend 15 times to death.

In the early parts of the video, the deceased can be seen mercilessly beating his girlfriend to a pulp over a very trial issue.

After the physical abuse, the man fell asleep and the lady immediately reached out for a gun to shoot him 15 times t death while he was still sleeping.Lady shoots boyfriend 15 times to death for always beating her (Video)

According to social media users who seem to know the couple offline, the late boyfriend is a notorious woman beater who always resorts to physical abuse anytime he has a little misunderstanding with his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, it has also been alleged that the lady’s family had warned her severally before this unfortunate incident to end her relationship with her late boyfriend but she also refused to heed any of the advice for reasons best known to her.

Now, she’s wanted by the Jamaican Police force because she immediately fled the scene after committing the heinous crime to escape arrest.

Click on this LINK to watch the video.

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