Saturday, May 18, 2024
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The 3 High School Boys On 1 Girl, Wild Trending Video In An Uncompleted Building (Watch)

The rate at which high school students have been trending of late on the various social media platforms for bad reasons, sometimes I wonder if there are still rules and regulations in these high schools as every school is supposed to have a disciplinary committee board which is always meant for those who will violate that rules and regulations

The rate at which indecent videos of high school students and university students has been surfacing online is so rampant and it is really disturbing and disgusting. The question is, can’t they be trace and punish according to the rules and regulations of the various school in order to deter others?

In the video, two boys is seen doing the indecent act with the girl whiles the third guy happens to be the cameraman filming the scene. In situations like this where it happens to be more than 1 guy on a girl, you will see it in a form of forcely act but for this, there is nothing like force act as the girl is seen enjoying the thing
Looking at where they were doing it from the video, the place is an Uncompleted building because one can easily see the layers of the building blocks as it’s not yet plastered. The girl is seen on top of a table totally undressed, one guy was standing behind her and the other in front of her as the three is seen doing the unthinkable and enjoying themselves.

I think there should be some rules and regulations which can see students indulging in indecent acts like this punished in case there are no such rules yet because things are already getting out of hands. Am sorry, I can’t upload

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