Thursday, May 26, 2022
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HomeDoggy and licking styles are ungodly – Rev Daniel Y Donkor

Doggy and licking styles are ungodly – Rev Daniel Y Donkor

He stated that sex is a creation of God, but that it has undergone adjustments throughout time, leading to the emergence of many styles in recent times which are ‘ungodly’.

Reverend Daniel Y. Donkor, Head Pastor, Royal Believers Ministry, said that sex is a creation of humanity.

In an interview with Accra-based Okay Fm, the famous Marriage Counselor and Motivational Speaker questioned how men came to find diverse sex methods such as ‘Doggy’ and ‘Apple and Juice.”

“Can you tell me who invented sex? ” Despite the fact that God created sex, who taught humans how to engage in sexual activity? Individual human beings are created by sexual interaction alone. Who was it who introduced the Doggy look to the party?

“The apple and juice sex style was invented by who?… The individual who was responsible for the apple and juice style childbirth licking should be asked to explain his or her motivations.

“He emphasized that “since using the tongue was not a part of the original sex we know, the individual who found it is the most qualified to explain his or her rationale.”



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