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Shatta Wale Drives investors Away because of how he Speaks Camidoh Reveals In an interview

In the past few weeks, the entertainment industry has been lined with a train of beefs and social media banter.

We had our fair share of beefs from the movie industry, music and even simple social media users

After the fight, Shatta went live on social media to warn pundits and entertainment critics not to talk about him again.

He stressed that anyone who speaks negative about him will die in an accident or will never be prosperous for the rest of their lives.

Camidoh, a fast rising Ghanaian singer has shared his thoughts on how Shatta Wale’s recent actions are affecting the entertainment industry negatively.

Shatta Wale has earned a reputation for speaking his truth and not respecting the feelings of others.

The dancehall musician does not mind bathing mud in public when often venting his concern. He sometimes verbally attacks key players and colleagues in the entertainment industry out of anger.

According to Camidoh, Shatta Wale makes the entertainment industry unattractive to investors.

He stressed that the dancehall musician’s style of airing his thoughts is unrefined and it drives away investors who wants to pump monies into the industry.

The For My Lover hitmaker expressed that local and upcoming entertainers are suffering because investor confidence has been low with all blames on Shatta Wale alone.

Not mincing words, Camidoh said he is not a Shatta Wale fan because the musician speaks anyhow.

”I am not a fan of Shatta Wale. I am not a fan of how he portrays himself. How he behaves, does anyhow, and speaks anyhow, it makes investors see us as jokers,” he said.

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