June 24, 2024

Shut UP,My Daughter Is Richer Than You -Medikal Mocks Okese 1

“Na Today” hitmaker, Okesse 1, has aggressively attacked Medikal once again in a series of posts he shared on his Snapchat stories after the AMG-signed rapper threw subtle jabs at him.

The long-standing beef between the two former best friends took a new twist today after Medikal decided to take to social media to heap praises on the people who have helped him throughout his career.

In the list, Medikal gave hefty shout-outs to Criss Waddle, Flow Dely, Attitude, and other AMG crew members but refused to acknowledge Okesse 1 who has also played a significant role in his life before he became a star.

Okesse 1 who saw the list without his name went bonkers and decided to go on a ranting spree on social media.

According to Okesse 1, he was the person who thought Medikal how to “scam”. He further added that Medikla has since been cashing out from the formats he taught him when he was a beginner.

Angry and pained Okesse 1 also went on to brag that he was the one who held Medikal’s hand to the bank to withdraw his first huge money.

He further went on to open some deep keys on Medikal by revealing that his Range Rover plus his East-Legon house is on a mortgage.

Okesse 1 also urged the youths not to be pressured with Medikal’s flamboyant lifestyle on the internet because he’s very broke behind the scenes.

Well, Medikal has reacted to Okesse 1’s charges against him, and in line with his comments, all that his former bestie said about him are lies.

Medikal who is known for boasting about his riches chided Okesse 1 to shut up because even his daughter, Island Frimpong is much richer than him.

The “Omo Ada” hitmaker also stated unequivocally that he has doesn’t have time for fun-foolers like Okesse 1.

This is a beef between two scammers who have covered their evil activities behind the music business. A thief bashing his colleague thief for snitching on him, how ridiculous!

Check out the video below to know more about the back and forth banter between Okesse 1 and Medikal just this afternoon.

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