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Shatta Wale Says Dumb Stuff to Trend Because He Understands Showbiz – Jim Iyke

Nigerian actor Jim Iyke is in Ghana to promote his new project and he is granting interviews sharing his opinion on the entertainers in the country.

Jim Iyke, in one of his interviews, eulogized Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale for always staying on top of trends in the country.

According to him, Shatta Wale is one of the greatest business minds he has seen in the entertainment industry, not only in Ghana but Africa as a whole.

Jim Iyke said Shatta Wale does not only see himself as an entertainer but a business man and he knows exactly what to do to stay relevant.

He added that the musician takes advantage of every opportunity(good or bad) to keep his head above the water and that quality is rare to come by in Africa.

“I think Shatta just wakes up in the morning and decides what am I going to do to provoke people’s thoughts? He will go like Jim Iyke looks like me. He is going to wake up tomorrow and say; I want to be President of Ghana.”

“He will not be president and we all know that, but Shatta will go there and run to be President and just get you guys to talk about him. He understands the propensity of the business,” he said.

Touching on a statement Shatta made that they share a striking resemblance, Jim Iyke said the musician was just having a laugh on social media.

“Shatta Wale doesn’t think I look like him, he is just having a good time. I have heard of Shatta Wale, and it’s most flattering for people to say I look like him





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