Friday, May 17, 2024
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Meek Mill shoots video at the Jubilee House, uses the Presidential podium

Ghanaians are irked after seeing footage of US rapper Meek Mill shooting a music video in the Jubilee House.

Many Ghanaians on social media have expressed their anger at what they describe as disrespectful and unacceptable behavior by Meek Mill.

The part of the video that has gotten many talking and actually ruffled feathers is where Meek Mill is seen making an address while using the presidential podium or lectern.

“This is unacceptable, could he have done that in the US/” – Many netizens have collectively fumed.

On the other hand, President Akufo-Addo has been called out for giving easy access to celebrities who come into the country.

Ghanaians believe he has made himself so easily accessible to visitors all in the name of promoting tourism, an unfortunate turn of events that has given Meek Mill the audacity to shoot a video at the seat of government.


@OleleSalvador wrote: Director of Diaspora Affairs & Minister of Interior, y’all really get questions answer for that Meek Mill video oooo.. how’s a drone being flown over the Jubilee house? As innnnnn???? You can’t even shoot a photo at the Independence Square & not get jumped at by ‘security’ Herh!

@BongoIdeas wrote: Meek Mill dems are not even rated in the US, but they come to Ghana and get treated like kings. The audacity for him to shoot a video in the Jubilee House shows how Addo D has cheapened the presidency. Our leaders are not just CLOWNS; they’re a LIABILITY to this country.

@AnnanPerry wrote: Caleb Kudah of Citi TV was beaten by the national security for recording vehicles bought with taxpayers money but allowed a finished rapper Meek Mill to shoot video in the jubilee house. Nonsense

Meek Mill was in Ghana in December for the Afronation concert and had the privilege to meet the President.



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