June 13, 2024

Pressure from the Government forced us to increase our prices – MTN

One of the biggest service providers in the country MTN Ghana has provided an explanation for the recent irrational increases in their call and data (Fibre broadband and TurboNet bundle) packages.

MTN subscribers may have noticed that the network’s pricing for Mashup and the internet have just increased without a better explanation.

As a result, on January 4, 2022, MTN Ghana launched new Fibre broadband and TurboNet bundle prices, which increased by over 50% with a 90-day validity.

Before the revised pricing, GHS 300 worth of data was equivalent to 393.58GB of MTN Fibre broadband and 332.57GB of MTN TurboNet, respectively.

Customers may now get 231.08GB of MTN Fibre Broadband and 190.23GB of TurboNet for the same cost.

However, according to an explanation provided via social media by one of MTN’s Customer Relations workers in response to a customer enquiry, MTN is not at blame here.

According to the customer support agent, MTN Ghana is just reacting to an instruction from the regulator (Government) to increase their tariffs in order to compete fairly with other networks.

See the response they gave on social media

Many Ghanaians have questioned why the regulator issued such a mandate, given that competition is intended to result in a reduction, not an increase in prices.

The Government is yet to comment on this allegation by MTN.

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