June 24, 2024

Nigerian senate candidate shot dead and body burnt ahead of elections

A senatorial candidate for Nigeria’s opposition Labour Party was on Wednesday shot dead and his body burnt while on his way from a campaign rally in southeastern Enugu State.

Oyibo Chukwu was killed three days before Saturday’s general elections – which is being described as the country’s most competitive polls in 24 years.

He was shot dead when the vehicle he was traveling in was hit by attackers. He was accompanied by five other members of the party, police said on Thursday.

His aides who were with him were also shot dead before their car was set ablaze with the bodies inside.

“Our party members are being targeted for assassination by political parties that felt threatened by the rise of the Labour Party in the state and are afraid they may lose Saturday’s election,” said Chijioke Edeoga, a candidate for the governor’s seat in the state.

The Labour party has not commented on the attack, but its presidential candidate Peter Obi has been urging supporters to vote ” correctly, peacefully, and hopefully”.

Ahead of Saturday’s elections, there has been a spate of armed conflict in the northeast, high levels of crime and shortages of cash, fuel and electricity.

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