June 13, 2024

GH millionaire McDan flaunts his $10 million private jet

Gradually, our Ghanaian wealthy and affluent businessmen are matching up to the capacity of their Nigerian counterparts.

Some years ago, it was quite rare to see our top businessmen driving in expensive-luxury cars like Rolls Royce etc because they wanted to hide their wealth from the government and perhaps, family members.

Today, almost all the millionaires in the country are not afraid and hesitant in showing off their wealth both on the internet and in real life.

One of Ghana’s millionaires in dollars whose wealth transcends the borders of the country and beyond, Mr Daniel McKorley, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the McDan Group of Companies.

Has motivated the youths by sharing pictures of his private jet on the internet to prove to them that it’s possible to achieve any goal or dream one sets his or her mind on.

McDan’s private jet is a T7 SFG Sparefell which costs around $10 million.

Aside from McDan, business magnate Ibrahim Mahama and former Anglo Gold boss, Sam Jonah are also some of the known notable persons in the country who owns a private jet

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