June 24, 2024

Lady fights father for attending her mum’s funeral with his sidechick

A video which has received alot of sad reactions from social media users shows how a lady fought and nearly landed heavy blows and slaps on her father for attending her mother’s funeral with his side chick.

In the sad video, the pained lady can be seen crying her eyes out while fighting her father for disrespecting her late mother.

Clearly, the young lady was very angry at her father’s decision to attend such an event with his side chick without shame or a sense of guilt.

In the video, some family members can be seen protecting the elderly man from being beaten by his daughter.

Others also dared the lady to lay hands on her father if she’s truly the woman she claims to be.

This video was first shared on Twitter by a witness who recorded a part of the scene and later shared it on the micro-blogging platform.

The man is currently being roasted on Twitter for taking such a silly decision.

Some internet users have even accused him of having a hand in his wife’s death reason he chose to attend her funeral with his side chick.

Watch the video below to know more…


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