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HomeMixture of tomato paste and cola drink increases blood, KNUST report

Mixture of tomato paste and cola drink increases blood, KNUST report

A blend of tomato paste and cola drink raises blood levels significantly, showing anti-anaemic potential.

A study undertaken by specialists from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology came to this result.

The researchers wanted to look into other options for boosting blood levels in anaemic patients besides the traditional use of blood tonics.

The mixture is also believed to have enhanced reproductive women’s menstrual flow.

In Ghana, a concoction made from scoops of tomato paste diluted in a few millilitres of coca beverage has saved countless lives, including Josephine’s.

“When you mix it, it looks like blood. So, I think when you take it the body perceives it to be blood and naturally increases your blood level. I can’t tell if it’s psychological,” said, Josephine, now physically strong.

She indicated the mixture has now become an emergency blood tonic whenever she feels dizzy and has a lower blood level.

“I was recently feeling a bit dizzy so I took some. Even though it doesn’t really taste nice. But I am used to it now,” she said.



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