Friday, May 17, 2024
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Afia Schwar curses and insults Delay for interviewing Moesha

It’s 2023 and Afia Schwar’s long-time beef with Delay is still on and might be more bloody than the ones we have witnessed over the past years.

In this fresh scathy attack, Afia Schwar called out Delay for being insensitive and callous.

The reason behind Afia Schwar’s recent attacks comes at the back of the latest interview between Delay and Moesha Buodoung.

According to Afia Schwar, Delay is very greedy and heartless because she’s aware Moesha hasn’t fully recovered from her mental illness but she interviewed her just to trend.

Afia Schwar turned the fire on Delay and angrily asked if Moesha was her sister, would she have interviewed and shared the video on the internet?

The evil friends who also buy alcoholic beverages for Moesha were also not spared, Afia Schwar rained heavy and mighty insults plus curses on them.



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