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I was paid ¢300 for NPP campaign Ad – NABCO trainee in viral 2020 NPP campaign billboard tells it all

I was paid ¢300 for NPP campaign Ad, they told me my face was to be used for calendars, and magazines but not billboards – NABCO trainee in viral 2020 NPP campaign billboard tells it all.

35-year-old Nicholas Teye who ahead of the NPP’s 2020 General Elections appeared on campaign billboards for campaign basis has cried foul after years.

The billboards which had Nicholas’ face on them had the words “Remember Me. My livelihood depends on your vote”.

Speaking in an interview with TV3’s Armstrong Alogbor, Teye who is currently a teacher said that his life is under threat for promoting the NPP.

He says people feel he is part of the economic problems they are facing currently following his campaign activities for the NPP.

Nicholas says he disguises himself by wearing a nose mask and a cap whenever he gets out of his home for fear of being noticed and attacked.

“My major challenge is the threat. So any time I have to go out I have to put on a nose mask and sometimes a cap so that I have to disguise myself.

“Sometimes, I will be in the room, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday without going out because I am afraid if I step out I don’t know what will happen to me.

The moment they see you they are angry and they want to beat you because you are part of the reasons why they are suffering. Sometimes they will call you and threaten you.

“Sometimes my wife will [tell] me when [I] am going and [I] have the money I should take Uber and go out.”

In the interview, the frightened teacher disclosed that he was paid only GHc300 for the billboard advert.

He went deep into the conversation and revealed that he was told that his face/ photos were being used for calendars and magazines and not for the billboard campaign hence he was paid only GHc300.

Prior to his face being used for such for the benefit of NPP, Teye revealed that he was asked to sign an undertaken under the agreement that he has allowed his photo to be used for the NPP campaign.



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