June 24, 2024

“I sleep with both men and women and women are better in the bedroom than men” – Abena Korkor reveals

In a candid revelation, popular Ghanaian media personality Abena Korkor has disclosed that she identifies as bisexual and has had intimate experiences with both men and women.

Speaking in an interview with Zionfelix, Abena Korkor delved into her experiences and expressed that she prefers the touch and understanding of women in the bedroom than men.



According to her, women possess a superior ability to connect on a deeper level, particularly in terms of navigating erogenous zones.

Korkor went on to claim that women have a more nuanced approach to pleasure, focusing on the journey rather than solely fixating on reaching the end goal.

The mental health advocate continued that in her encounters, women exhibited a greater finesse and attention to detail, enhancing the overall intimacy.

Despite her general observations about men, Abena Korkor acknowledged the existence of exceptional male partners in her life.

She playfully referred to them as “Dragon,” “Chocolate,” and “Sugar,” indicating that, although her overall preference may lean towards women, she has encountered men who excel in the realm of physical intimacy.

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