June 13, 2024

22-years old lady dies in her boyfriend’s room after taking soup he bought on the streets for her

A young Nigerian lady has been confirmed dead after visiting her boyfriend, and her mother is demanding immediate justice.

According to her mother, the young lady had a chemist shop where she worked daily and also provided home services for patients.

However, on Sunday, she visited a man named Charles, and that was the end of her life as she died in his house.

“My only daughter died last Sunday when she visited a young man called Charles. My only daughter, who was 22 years old, was raised by us. She had a chemist shop where she treated patients, and as a nurse, she sometimes went to patients’ houses to treat them. This fateful Sunday, she visited a young man and died in his house,” she narrated.

Following investigations, the man in whose house the lady died said he only went to town to buy her pepper soup, and she became unconscious after taking it.

According to the nurse’s stepfather, Mr. Nneji, the deceased became unconscious after taking pepper soup bought by her boyfriend.

“The suspect, Charles Ndukwu, told us that he went and bought pepper soup for our daughter, but she became unconscious after taking the pepper soup, and he rushed her to Edochie Clinic, Awaka in Owerri North where she was confirmed dead by the presiding doctor,” he explained.

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