June 13, 2024

GH lady surprises boyfriend with a brand-new car

A young and beautiful Ghanaian lady has warmed hearts on social media after surprising her boyfriend with a brand new Toyota Camry.

Commentary surrounding the trending photos which have received over 10k likes and 2k comments as of the publication of this article suggests that the lady was motivated to make this huge purchase for her boyfriend after he was mocked by her friends.

According to sources, the lady’s classist friends whose boyfriends all had cars subjected her to severe mockery because she was dating a broke guy who couldn’t even afford a motorbike.

She took it upon herself to shame them by saving weekly for two good years to buy her boyfriend a brand-new Toyota Camry so that the trolls from her friends will cease once and for all.

This kind gesture from the thoughtful lady has received massive applause from social media users because here in Africa, ladies hardly financially contribute to relationships.

Broke guys are avoided like plagues and treated with disdain by most young ladies because they can’t provide iPhones, wigs, shoes etc.

Whiles some netizens are applauding the lady, others are also slamming her for wasting money on a guy who will later dump her for another woman.

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