Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Former senior banker turns cleaner in the UK after relocating

A former senior banker of one of the big banks in Nigeria has chosen a cleaning job in the UK over the white-collar, air-conditioned job in her home country.

The person going by the name of Floxy Obi notified users on social media that she is currently employed as a cleaner.

She uploaded a video of herself cleaning a living room in uniform to TikTok and noted that the reality overseas is very different from what many people think.

Floxy bemoaned her situation and admitted that, despite having a master’s degree, finding white-collar work was still difficult for her.

She described how, while working in Nigeria, she used to ask questions of young bankers.

Furthermore, the former banker asked Nigeria’s leadership to make the nation modern so that no person would need to leave.

Sharing the video, Floxy captioned; ”UK will humble you. Masters degree holder indeed.

“Hahahaha laughing in Swahili ??? see Ex-banker wey sabi give query anyhow. Nigerian govt; right all the wrongs and we promise we will come back to our dear country.”


Following her job resignation and relocation from the US to Ghana, a woman named Abbey is currently trending on TikTok.

Prior to the significant relocation, Abbey also sold her car plus other properties and left nothing behind because she has no plans of returning to the US.

In a series of videos that have been spotted on her Tiktok page, Abbey revealed how the whole permanent settlement in Ghana began by first quitting her bog, selling her car and then other properties.

Also, a few videos on her TikTok handle confirms she has married her Ghanaian boyfriend who is the reason behind her relocation to the sub-Saharan African country



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