July 18, 2024

Afia Schwar’s son’s alleged gay partner reacts to Tornado’s claims

The gentleman at the centre of gay allegations against one of Afia Schwar’s twin sons James Heedergen has opened up about his relationship with the family.

Nana Tornado in one of his usual rants and social media feuds with Afia crucially accused James of being a vibrant member of the LBGT community.

He called out one Richard as Jame’s partner, whose pictures started circulating on social media almost immediately after the allegation.

Photos of Afia Schwar's son's alleged gay partner

He noted that he used to handle the comedienne’s business in her absence but they are now like a mother and a son so he couldn’t be the Richard Tonardo spoke about.

Richard described himself as a full-time Christian and gospel musician who spends the majority of his time at church.

Responding to why Nana Tonardo claimed he was James’ boyfriend, he replied he’s a fine boy and most fine boys are often misconstrued to be gays.






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