Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Archipalago is been mocked For Becoming A Mortuary Man After Claiming To Be A Nurse Assistant

U.S based Ghanaian vlogger, Archipalago is being trolled instead of fans congratulating him for his recent achievement.

Archipalago has announced that after putting in a lot of effort, he now works as a health practitioner in the U.S.

Palago noted that he’s currently working as a nursing assistant and not as a uber driver anymore

He wrote, ‘We didn’t come to play in America! I’m a special kind of nigga! I move in silence! Prayer, Hardwork and Dedication! Patience and Perseverance! #NoSize #FaNe10‘

However, many people haven’t bought the idea that Archipalago is a nursing assistant.

Social media users are claiming he’s either a cleaner or a mortuary man. Some have even said that he takes care of old people

But Archipalago has laughed it off, noting that they wish he was indeed a cleaner but that would only happen in their dream.

Archipalago was formerly an uber driver in the U.S but according to him, he stopped that job about 3 years ago.

In between those years till now, we’ve known Archipalago as a controversial vlogger who mostly blasts people, especially when he doesn’t agree with.

Recently, he took a fruitless venture to run down Twene Jonas but it didn’t work out.

Also, he tried his luck in a music career but that also didn’t yield anything, but apparently, it has ended well

Check the photo below :





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