June 13, 2024

Read-a-thon: Guinness World Records confirms Ghana’s Isaac Amoako to read for 6 days nonstop

In a groundbreaking achievement, young Ghanaian graduate Isaac Amoako has received approval from Guinness World Records to embark on a remarkable reading journey—an attempt to read aloud for an impressive six hours nonstop.

In an exclusive interview with GhPage, Isaac Amoako shared the elation of receiving the confirmation email, marking one of the proudest moments in his life.

The University of Education (Winneba) graduate, currently unemployed, aspires to break the reading-aloud marathon record, a dream that has fueled his passion for reading.

The Confirmation:

Isaac Amoako revealed in the interview that he recently received a confirmation email from Guinness World Records, affirming his eligibility to undertake the reading marathon.

This noteworthy accomplishment has ignited a sense of pride and excitement within him, setting the stage for a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor.

Dreams and Aspirations:

For Isaac, breaking the reading-aloud marathon record is more than a personal achievement; it’s a dream come true.

The aspiring record-breaker shared that his passion for reading, coupled with the inspiration drawn from the current generation’s heavy reliance on social media, motivated him to attempt this extraordinary feat.

Optimistic Projections:

Isaac Amoako expressed optimism about the upcoming reading marathon, projecting an ambitious goal of reading between 145 to 150 hours nonstop. After three solid years of meticulous planning, Isaac is determined to leave an indelible mark in the realm of literary achievements.

Inspiration Behind the Attempt:

Isaac’s decision to attempt the reading-aloud marathon is rooted in his observation of the youth’s increasing focus on social media.

He sees this record-breaking endeavour as a unique way to promote and reignite interest in the art of reading, encouraging others to explore the world of literature beyond the digital realm.

The Current Record:

Isaac’s ambitious goal is set against the backdrop of the current record held by Rysbai Isakov from Kyrgyzstan.

Isakov achieved the longest marathon reading aloud, clocking an impressive 124 hours in Bursa, Turkey, from 22 to 27 September 2022.

Isakov’s dedication to reading the “Manas epic,” a 10th-century legendary hero story cherished by the Kyrgyz people, has set a high benchmark for Isaac to surpass.

The Journey Ahead:

Isaac Amoako’s attempt is scheduled to commence on 5th March, and as he steps into this challenging venture, he carries with him not only the weight of personal ambition but also the aspiration to inspire others to rediscover the joy of reading.

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