Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Broken Heart Slay Queen Revenge On Her Ex By Sleeping With His Father {VIDEO]

A lady has stirred up emotions on social media as she posted a self recorded video revealing what she has done to her boyfriend for breaking her heart.

The lady, who had a Nigerian accent, disclosed that she went to her boyfriend’s house to sleep with his father as payback for breaking her heart.

‘If you break my heart i go date your father’, this lady acted in real life the lyrics to Ebony Reign’s famous song. She was seen wrapped in bathing towel and parading the boy’s house showing stuffs to prove that indeed she came to wreck his family for causing her pain.

The lady was heard in the video laughing hysterically and saying, ‘John John, you broke my heart so I f*cked your father’.

‘ I’m in your house now, you see that statue, yes I came to f*ck your father as payback. I even used your towel’.

Many social media users are however saying this slay queen did not think through her payback plan properly.

They argued that she was rather at a loss because a guy and his father have had an affair with you for free.

This generation of slay queens have a coin size brain and do not think most things through before acting on it but from her demeanor, she might have infected both dad and son with some disease because she looked over excited to think she just came to sleep with the father of a guy who broke her heart.



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