Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Home“You’re a failed musician” – Kweku Flick claps back at Mr Logic

“You’re a failed musician” – Kweku Flick claps back at Mr Logic

Singer Kweku Flick has described Mr Logic as a failed musician following an attack he launched on his career.

Earlier, Mr Logic in one of his rants had described Kweku Flick as a nine-day wonder whose career has rapidly faded away.

According to him, Kweku Flick has not been able to up his game and be alive to the competition which has plummeted the efforts of musicians from Kumasi.

In a swift comeback, Kweku Flick has pooh-poohed Mr Logic’s critique by describing him as a failed disappointed musician who always wanted to vent his frustration on young talents.

In a conversation with Zion Felix, the ‘Money” hitmaker did not mince words when he said Mr Logic‘s word would not have any effect on his life since ‘he’s not God.


“He isn’t God.” Only God has the authority to state that I know where I’m going because of what I’ve heard, seen, and experienced. I have a lot of dreams, and whatever I dream about comes true.

“I hadn’t even met Kuami Eugene when I had a dream about him.” I wasn’t even a performer at the time. I’ve seen a lot of things, and more are happening all the time. I won’t trouble myself because of what I’ve seen in the future and someone stating we won’t get anywhere.’

Kweku Flick and his contemporaries like Yaw Tog have been struggling after their burst into the limelight a year ago. They have failed to live up to expectations.

Although they are blessed with talents, they have left more to be desired.



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