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Xandy Kamel paid for her marriage with Kaninja – Ex-girlfriend of Kaninja speaks

An alleged ex-girlfriend of Angel TV presenter Kaninja identified as Gifty stated that she is of a firm belief that actress Xandy Kamel was the one who sponsored their wedding months ago.

Gifty who ordered for her face not to show during an interview stated that she was in a relationship with Kaninja sometime ago and can boldly say that the popular presenter has.

Speaking during an interview, she mentioned that during her days of being in a relationship with Kaninja, she provided everything in the house adding that she was the one even providing them shelter.

According to her, she knows Kaninja too well to know that he would never spend a dime to say he is getting married to another lady.

She went on to say he is a big-time opportunist and only hangs around people whom he knows very well that they are rich and well to do.

Gifty dared Xandy to come out and deny this claim even if his 1pesewa was put in their marriage concluding that the presenter is dead broke but using his small stardom to deceive people.



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