June 13, 2024

Video of a married woman begging her sister to sleep with her husband causes stir

A trending video on social media that has raised eyebrows and caused a massive stir captures the moment a wife was filmed begging her sister to sleep with her husband on her behalf.

In the circulating video, the young lady can be seen firmly refusing to agree to her sister’s plea to continue sleeping with her husband so that he won’t engage in any kind of extramarital affair.

Apparently, the young lady has already committed two abortions for her sister’s husband; Therefore she wasn’t ready to sleep with him again.

Meanwhile, according to sources, the wife’s sister is pregnant again and her family wants her to abort the baby.

Adding to the turmoil, the married woman has warned her sister to abort the baby else she will be sent away.

The young lady who has been living with her older sister since completing secondary school is currently in a state of dilemma.

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