June 13, 2024

Sad! GH Man found unconscious while driving a brand-new car in Lapaz

Shock and confusion gripped residents of Abeka-Lapaz following the discovery of a brand-new saloon car with its driver found dead behind the steering wheel on the bustling Abeka-Lapaz highway.

The unsettling incident unfolded when an eyewitness encountered a peculiar scene on the roadway, where other motorists were frantically honking in an attempt to prompt the stationary white Elantra saloon car to move.

Despite the cacophony of horns, the vehicle remained immobile, prompting some individuals to approach and forcefully bang on the car, only to discover the driver unconscious.

“The car was not moving despite the noise. Some people approached and banged it angrily before realizing the driver was unconscious,” recounted the eyewitness.

As news of the distressing discovery spread, a crowd quickly gathered at the scene. Concerned bystanders swiftly contacted local authorities, prompting the dispatch of police officers to the location.

The driver was rushed to the Lapaz Community Hospital where, according to the witness, he was pronounced dead.

The witness, who captured the aftermath of the incident on video, explained his decision to document the scene, citing the importance of preserving evidence for the potential identification of those involved in moving the vehicle.

Further intrigue surrounds the identity of the deceased driver, as no official identification has been made public.

However, the witness revealed that upon calling a number listed on a poster affixed to the car, he learned that the vehicle was purchased by the now-deceased individual for his child, he was in the process of registering it.

No official statements have been released by law enforcement or other relevant authorities regarding the mysterious circumstances surrounding the incident.

This tragic event has left many questioning the circumstances of the driver’s untimely demise.

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