Friday, May 17, 2024
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Sidechick jumps storey building as wife finds her in bed with her hubby

I’m yet to understand why married women attack side chicks rather than their husbands who approached these ladies to be in an affair with them.

As we all know, most married men even cry like babies with the DMs of most slay queens just to go out with them and during the process – They completely destroy their wives by saying all manner of ills about them to these innocent ladies who make a living from their coochies.

In a hilarious video that is currently trending on social media, a side chick was ready to risk all by jumping from a storey building after her sugar daddy’s wife come to find her in bed with her hubby.

The lady would have been paralyzed if she humped from the balcony but she was ready to risk it all to save herself the beatings from her sugar daddy’s wife.

Apparently, the disappointed wife had sacrificed a lot for her man to get to where he is at the moment but only got betrayed in the end.

With a sharp piercing voice, she can be heard shouting at her cheating hubby; ” After all I did for you?”.

Men will completely stain your white without a second thought no matter how far you for with them.

Watch the video below to know more…





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