Monday, February 26, 2024
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Photos of Anita, the US-based lady Davido has impregnated and wants her to abort the baby

Recall that Anita had earlier claimed that her page was hacked after she had initially revealed she was pregnant for the music star.

In a new development, she has now retracted her words and boldly revealed that she is pregnant with Davido’s child.

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram stories, @ninatheelite, the 29-year-old lady revealed that she wasn’t exposing Davido for clout because she has always been famous.

Not stopping there, she claimed they actually met in Dubai in 2017, and they were on and off with their relationship until the pandemic hit in 2020.US-based lady 'exposes' Davido of impregnating her and telling her to abort the baby

She also shared videos of herself at the singer’s show. Anita then shared a video on her Instagram story where she addressed claims that she messed around with Davido despite him being a married man.

According to her, she never knew he was married. She added that the music star’s social media page did not look like that of a married man and that the blogs in America did not report the news of his nuptials.

Anita also added that she did not bother to check herself because she is not looking to get married to Davido, and she actually found out much later before even knowing she was pregnant.

According to her, she might be a fornicator, but she is not an adulterer.

In her words:

“What really kills me is this married man narrative you all are dragging, cut it out. I did not know he was married, on God. Go to his page, does he look like a married man? I’m confused. Rest in peace to the child, people knew about the baby but nobody knew he got married. I’m in America, nobody here knew sorry.

It’s not on the blogs, it’s not a big thing, if a man ain’t telling me, then I don’t know and I wasn’t checking for it because I’m not looking to get married, I’m not looking for that right now so that wasn’t something that I was in search for, I wasn’t digging up anything like that, so no I didn’t know.



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