June 13, 2024

Man disguises himself as a hookup girl, gives head to men at Accra club

A gentleman’s corny schemes have been uncovered after he had disguised himself as a woman.

He purposefully dressed as a lady and went to an Accra club. The men booked him and also allowed him to give them blowjob.

With a wig and an ass-pad, the gentleman was able to beat the protocol and was almost never suspected by the men at the club.

No sooner had the man played with the manhood of the men than they realized he was a man who had dressed as a hookup girl in order to make money for the night.

Nobody identified him until he was done with the act. The distraught men took him into their car, punched him a couple of times and drove him off.

His adornments which gave him an unsuspecting girlish look were taken off.

Check Out Video Below:


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