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Kofi Adomah speaks for the first time after attack

Kofi Adomah has finally broken silence after he was attacked last Saturday, 6th August 2022 by some yet-to-be-arrested hoodlums who were armed and wanted to end his life

According to Kofi Adomah’s close friend who also works at Angel FM named Jerry, the hospitalized presenter would have been in Somaya today if not for the unfortunate incident that has taken over social media trends

Going into details about what actually happened on that fateful day, Jerry explained that he called Kofi Adomah on phone in order for them to make preparations for their journey to Somanya this week

To his surprise, the call was answered by an unknown woman who told him Kofi is in a critical hence condition hence he can’t talk.

So he rushed to the hospital Kofi Adomah was sent to receive treatment to verify the news.

As claimed by Jerry, Kofi Adomah personally gave him a detailed account of how he earlier suspected the impending harm and how he was unanticipatedly wounded and brutalized.

As explained by Kofi Adoma himself, he initially assumed that the thugs who attacked him were thieves so he was ready to hand over his phones and cash to them to save his life but to his surprise, he later got to know that they are hitmen.

During the struggle, they poured petrol on him just to burn him and end completely end his life in the process

He was able to drive off and seek refuge at a nearby fuel station and that was when he handed over his phone to the people who were around to call his wife for him.

He was rushed to the hospital and later discharged but had to be sent to another health facility after he and some police officers went to the crime scene because his condition was becoming progressively worse



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