Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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HomeAbena Korkor drops another wild twerking video

Abena Korkor drops another wild twerking video

Attention seeking is a hell of a drug, once you get a side of it, you yearn for more hence you resort to doing all kinds of stupid things just to trend.

32-year-old Abena Korkor has shared a video of herself seriously twerking after earlier sharing a photo of her raw buttocks yesterday.

Something is definitely wrong with Abena Korkor up there and she intentionally hides behind her bipolar records to defend herself from her nuisance.

This new inappropriate video of Abena Korkor has sparked outrage under the comments section of the IG post.

As usual, she will ignore all the trolls and later diss them in another video.


In the near future, this same Abena Korkor will claim that she has given her life to Christ and start a ministry just to cash out from naive people.



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