Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Juliet Ibrahim recounts how she was locked up and raped several times by her ex-boyfriend [Video]

Beautiful Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed the ordeal she went through in her former relationship.

According to the actress, she suffered at the hands of her ex-lover who always forced her for sex in his house where he had camped and locked her up.

In her narration during an interview on ‘With Chude’ TV show, the film producer and singer of Lebanese, Ghanaian, and Liberian descent detailed how she was taken advantage of by her ex-boyfriend who she refused to mention the name.

She mentioned that her incessant call for her boyfriend to stop the indecent act fell on deaf and only concentrated on getting what he wanted.

“I told him what he did was rape and he said but we were in a relationship. But was I ready, that was the question, did I say I was In the mood?  I kept saying no, stop it, stop it, you pin me down and you’re doing whatever you wanted to do and you’re smiling saying don’t worry and you’re kissing whilst I’m crying, that means you’re a rapist and I had to leave that relationship.

I fought my way out of that relationship because he even locked me up in his house for days until my sister Sonia came to find me.”

“But ladies you can report it now, go and report. If your husband is forcing you to do when you’re not in the mood it is rape and I tell these men that you cannot force a woman.”

Video below;




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