Saturday, January 22, 2022
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I Saw Amerado, I Liked Him and I Took Him – Delay

Delay has once again come out and cleared all doubt over her relationship status – Amerado Burner is now hers.

The two personalities have been trending for a couple of days now due to them finally confirming rumours they’re dating.

Amerado set off the frenzy yesterday, Monday, December 13th 2021, after

He also made it clear that as far as he’s concerned, age is just a number, which is a response to Ghanaians worried over the huge age gap between the two of them.

As we reported, Amerado is 26 whilst Delay is 39, almost 40 years of age.

Amerado made it clear that he doesn’t care about that and Delay is now his babe.

Delay later made a similar post to

She has now come out to make it clearer as day.

With both her and Amerado trending, Delay has decided to share a post to explain her thought process for going after the young rapper.

According to her, when she sees something she likes, she goes after it, takes it and keeps it.

Delay says that’s her whole philosophy to life.

“My attitude towards life: I see something, I like it, I take it, I keep it!” Delay said



It’s not a coincidence that she’s posting this at the time she’s trending with Amerado.

She’s telling you why she’s taking him and we have to accept it whether we like it or not.

Good luck to them on their journey together…




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