June 13, 2024

Bullion van police officer was killed because he identified one of the robbers

An audio has surfaced on social media of a yet-to-be-identified man believed to be with the Ghana Police Service giving an account of the robbery attacks on bullion vans in the country.

A few months ago, Constable Emmanuel Osei who was on duty guarding a Bullion van was shot in the head by some unknown gunmen in James Town a suburb in Accra.

After his death, there were calls by some people asking the Ghana Police Service to ensure the safety of Policemen who have been allocated to provide security escort to Bullion vans.

Months down the line, nothing or less update has been heard about the incident that led to the death of the policeman and one lady identified as Janet who was hit by a stray bullet.

Well, audio which is fast going viral on social media has shared some shocking details about the robbery as well as other robberies in the country.

According to the man in the audio, the people responsible for the killing of Constable Emmanuel Osei are his mates who are also policemen and in active service.

In his narration, he explained that apparently about eight policemen have been arrested for their roles in the robbery and all these people were from one police depot.

He continued that they are the same people responsible for another robbery at another location but failed.

The narrator went on to say sensing danger one of them run back to Accra Jamestown for safety but he was identified by some people in the area as one of the robbers who attacked the van on that day.

Not knowing he was a policeman, they raised an alarm and got him arrested. He was sent to the Striking Force Unit where he was allegedly tortured for 2 days before he finally confirmed his involvement.

According to him, the suspect confessed he was the one who shot Constable Emmanuel Osei in the head because he identified him and mentioned his name.

Listen to the audio below:


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