June 13, 2024

I didn’t know my wife was a virgin until I asked her out – Akwaboah

Akwaboah has addressed the rumours surrounding his marital status and fatherhood, confirming that he has children with different women but did not marry any of them. He made these clarifications on Delay TV.

Speculation arose during Akwaboah’s wedding, suggesting that he had fathered children with multiple women and subsequently left them to marry his new wife, who is purportedly a virgin.

Akwaboah Jnr tied the knot with his partner Theresa on Friday, May 3, 2024 at a colourful ceremony. The singer first shared the news about this marriage in a post on Instagram on Wednesday, May 1.

The couple had their traditional marriage on Friday, May 3, and white wedding the following day.

These rumours sparked widespread condemnation on social media, prompting Akwaboah to respond subtly to his critics online.

Akwaboah emphasized that his decisions were not made lightly and were driven by specific circumstances. He made these remarks while acknowledging his past relationships and fatherhood.

By addressing these rumours, Akwaboah aimed to clarify misunderstandings and provide his perspective on the situation.

His response has sparked various reactions, with some people showing support and understanding, while others continue to criticize him.

Akwaboah’s transparency in discussing his personal life highlights the challenges public figures face when dealing with public scrutiny and rumours.

Ultimately, his remarks on Delay TV shed light on his personal choices and the complexities of his relationships and fatherhood.

“In life, these things happen. We give ourselves some timelines or we expect certain things to happen, but they don’t go as planned.

But we still move on. Growing up as a man, I wasn’t happy about having children with two separate women and leaving them to marry another.

But situations happened, and it’s something I cannot explain now,” he told the host Deloris Frimpong Manso.

“Perhaps if those relationships had been more peaceful, I would have remained in them,” he conceded.

“They were not virgins when I met them. As for my wife, I didn’t choose her because she was a virgin. I didn’t even know until I told her I wanted to be with her.” Akwaboah responded to a question when he was asked why he broke the virginity of two women and decided to settle for a virgin,

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