Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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How to Trade Crypto with Mobile Money

Before 2020, trading crypto in Ghana was nearly impossible. With consistent innovation in the crypto world, many investors adopted Mobile Money as a payment option to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in Ghana.

Today, you can buy and sell crypto in Ghana through any crypto trading platform and pay using Mobile Money, the leading payment service in Ghana.

What is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is a secure electronic service that allows mobile money wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments and make several transactions simply using their mobile phone. It is fast, convenient, and affordable.

For example, you can sell your Bitcoin in Ghana through Breet OTC and withdraw your money using Mobile Money. Since its launch, mobile money has unlocked more opportunities for Ghanaians to buy and sell crypto, especially compared to the prevailing profit margins of between 1% to 3% for p2p trading in Africa.

Mobile Money integration in the crypto market has made trading crypto smooth and safe. A highly notable and recommended Mobile Money is MTN Mobile Money.

How to Sell Crypto with Mobile Money on Breet

Before you can sell your crypto with Mobile Money, you need to log into your Breet account. Be sure to complete your verifications and turn on two-factor authentication for better security. This will help create a high-security level for your crypto investment account and protect your account on the market.

After you have logged into your breet account, you have to add mobile money as a payment method. There are various mobile money platforms out there, Breet uses the most popular and trusted, MTN Mobile Money.

To add MTN Mobile Money to your Breet account:

  1. Click on the “menu bar” located at the top right corner
  2. Click on “Bank Details ” tab
  3. Click on “Add your Account Details”
  4. Input necessary bank information
  5. Choose Cedis as your currency

Then confirm. Now you are ready to sell your crypto with Breet, it only takes less than five(5) minutes.

Steps by step guide to trade:

Specify search criteria:

  1. Open the breet app, click on the crypto coin you want to sell for money
  2. Click on the “withdraw” tab and sell
  3. Select MTN Mobile Money as your payment method and confirm

Then you have successfully converted and withdrawn your crypto coin to your Mobile Money account. It is that simple and stress-free.



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