June 24, 2024

Hajia Bintu is a ‘witch’ – Gospel singer Cwesi Oteng states

Ghanaian gospel singer Cwesi Oteng has joined the ongoing conversation on the internet about Hajia Bintu’s advertisement of love charms.

Just about two days ago, the TikToker took over social media trends with a now-deleted video that received mixed reactions from netizens who expressed their utter disappointment in the socialite.

In the video, Hajia Bintu revealed that there are several medicines that ladies could use to tie men down by tightening up their private parts.

She added that the medicines do have the efficacy to attract and maintain men. Hajia Bintu advised that ladies use it properly in order to snatch and make the husbands and boyfriends of others theirs.

She described one of the medicines as “fuck and stay,” which must be applied around the abdomen. She added that whenever a man has a sexual encounter with any woman who uses it, he will stay.

Another medicine she introduced was “Attraction to Men”. According to her, when it is applied to the forehead, every lady will become irresistible to all the big men and will get whatever she asks for.

Hajia Bintu also introduced “Love and Stay” and “Do As I Say,” which are all products ladies can use to manipulate men and get whatever they need from them.

Reacting to this, Cwesi Oteng has described Hajia Bintu as a witch with the argument that anyone who sells and promotes the use of magic is evil.

According to him, witchcraft isn’t about flying in the night only, but the use of spells to manipulate people is also witchcraft.

Cwesi Oteng wrote; What is witchcraft? Witchcraft is the practise of magic especially for the use of evil (Manipulative) purposes; The use of spells. Bewitching or fascinating ‘Attraction” with charms.

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