June 24, 2024

Four dead, 11 hospitalized following pastor’s order to fast until they ‘meet Jesus’

A Kenyan pastor named Makenzie Nthenge has landed in the grips of the police for his alleged involvement in the death of four of his church members who were allegedly directed to fast to “meet Jesus.”

On April 14, the police conducted a raid in response to the tip about “ignorant citizens starving to death under the pretext of meeting Jesus after being brainwashed by the so-called man of God who is the leader and founder of “Good News International Church”.

Four members were discovered dead during the operation, and eleven were admitted to the hospital.

Of the hospitalized individuals, seven men and four women between the ages of 17 and 49 including three are currently in critical condition.

According to Charles Kamau, criminal investigations chief of Malindi sub-county, “The pastor is under arrest after he surrendered because he knew we were looking for him.”
Kamau stated that the pastor has been detained in anticipation of his court hearing on Monday, April 17th.

There are rumours of a probable mass burial site in the Shakahola forest, where other devotees might have been interred, and investigators are anticipated to carry on with their search on Saturday.

“It is further suspected that there are many victims in the forest land believed to belong to the suspect,” the police report said.

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